We Truly Care

Our Promise to You

We’re committed to providing you with quality and value.


Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all: they love building and care about your project. We bring value to every interaction, always looking at the very best way to acheive the final product.



Our craftmen come to work smiling and ready to build your dream. They have a passion for building and are excited  to work on your design.

Why Choose Us

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We Love What We Do

We strive to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your lifestyle need, design preference, or budget.

Personalized Service

Chris takes a very hands on approach to building.  You will often see him on your job not just making sure everything is being done as it should and meeting his rigorous standards.

​   We believe that being chosen as your general contractor is a true privilege.  Our team strives for 
creating the perfect mix of value and finished home while maintaining the art of true craftsmanship in every aspect of putting your project together.


    We rigorously choose our sub contractors not only for high quality, but for fair and honest rates and ability
to complete there task in a manner that not only keeps us on time but also on or under budget.

    At Sunrise Construction we understand that your investment is important to you and knowing where your money is going is a big part of that. This is why we are 100% open book, we will present every estimate, bill, purchase order and contract for your review if desired.  You make the choice on what you spend and where you spend every dollar before and during construction. We have no secret charges or change orders that should have been included.  This make a very transparent, open building experience you can trust.

    Our estimating system and cost presentation is unparalleled.  Every aspect of your project is broken down into line item costs that you see before we begin and can alter as we go.

Truly caring helps ensure the success of any project.. We believe in partnership & trust and work with you as an ally during the building process.